Sol Invictus chapter structure

It’s fluff time!

Even though they’re renegades, the Sol Invictus organise themselves much like a normal codex chapter. However, to cope with extended operations in Imperial space, master Yawgdiel Kagat has forced a number of changes. Foremost among these are the inclusion of three extra reserve companies, and the abolishment of the scout company. New recruits are instead inducted directly as Marines, to cover combat losses.

The 1st company remains an elite corps, but taking over the role of reconnaisance from the 10th company. The Sol Invictus has never had any Terminator suits, so the entire company is outfitted with regular power armour.

Most of the other companies are regular battle or reserve companies, as dictated in the Codex Astartes. The 7th, however, is special. It was fused into Sol Invictus from a Nurglesque warband, that swore oaths of loyalty to Kagat and the heretical inquisitor Ilith Merihem. Known as Reaper Company, it consists mostly of Plague Marines and Terminator squads.

Strike Force Stahlgewitter

The 4th company’s current campaign in the Yttria system is a fairly typical example of a Sol Invictus strike force. Code named Stahlgewitter (Steel Storm), it is led by 4th captain Dakkon Tiwaz, and mobilizes a number of auxiliary troops from the rest of the chapter in addition to the company’s marines.

Here is the force roster, as it was at the beginning of the campaign. Note the reformation of two tactical squads into Berserker assault squads – a move by the Khorne-aligned Tiwaz that met with ire from several of the Brother-Captains.

  • Brother-Captain Dakkon Tiwaz (Chaos Lord, riding a Juggernaught)
  • Kraken, Lindwurm, Grendel and Thursur squads (Chaos marines)
  • Jurmungand, Nidhogg, Fenrir and Jotun squads (Berserkers)
  • Surtur and Munin squads (Havocs)
  • Herkkes, Urakan and Adriel (Dreadnoughts)
  • Mandragora squad (1st company Chosen)
  • Behemot squad (Reaper company Terminators)
  • Tech-marine Linebreaker squads Golem and Gerasene (Obliterators)
  • Two Daemon-prince-hosts, each with an attendant Sorcerer for summoning and binding.
  • Two Defiler walker-tanks.

All squads are outfitted with Rhino or Land Raider transports, as needed. Summoned lesser daemons are not mentioned in official records.

In other news

Painting has reached a tipping point. After busying myself with terrain painting, I’m getting ready to roll out the Tactical squads. Expect pictures this week.


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