Damn, I chose the wrong colour scheme

I’ve run into a problem. I’m deeply unhappy with the way my Sol Invictus marines look. The gray is much too light, and the drybrushing doesn’t look half as good as I’d like it to. I liked the test models I painted up, but an entire squad of them look incredibly dull.

Now, stripping them all and starting over isn’t that big a problem. The problem is the colour scheme. What should I do? I want something militaristic, so to speak. Something that signals “elite SAS/US marines in space”. Hence the gray. Which is boring.

I’ve already tried khaki, which looks even more boring. Purple? No. Olive green? Maybe. Then again, I despise the GW studio paintjob for the Cadians.

I figure I’ll do a test figure with a darker gray and regular layered line highlights. Maybe some magenta tones thrown in the shadows for good measure.

What do you think, loyal readers? How would you paint a realistic space marine chapter?


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