Enough is never enough, when it comes to terrain

Living in Sweden, Adepticon is nothing more than fleeting images to me. Most of them awe-inspiring – or plain inspiring.

This one, though, made me wonder. (It’s from Tim over at Cursed Treasures. Check his post out – there are tons of more pictures there!)

Do people actually play with that little terrain? Personally I find anything under 50 percent of the table being covered near-offensive. The more the better – and the more types of scenery the better!

I started to play 40k when 2:nd edition came out. Back then, the tables you saw in White Dwarf were packed with terrain. That not only provided interesting tactical opportunities – it also looked great.

Warning: I’m going to sound like an old fart now, and start making crazy conjectures.

3:rd edition and competitive gaming started us down this slippery slope. 3:rd because of the whole ”25 percent” business, and tournaments because of the requirement to fill up so many tables with terrain. The way I understand it, this is how most of you actually play 40k. I mean, even the pictures in the rulebooks have sparse terrain. When Cities of Death came out, I thought there were far too few buildings and LOS-blockers on the tables.

And don’t get me started on the Necromunda tables featured at Adepticon …


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