How will the descent of the Blood Angels affect you?

By now the new Blood Angels have half the 40k community’s knickers in a bunch. Mine too. Though they are a bit too blinged for my regular tastes, I do like the Blood Angels better than the Black Templars, for example.

Then there’s the Sanguinor. I immediately thought of the Red Angel in the Horus Heresy artbook. Depending on how he comes apart (separate head, I hope), I think I’ll use him as a base for a daemon-prince-host for the Sol Invictus.

There seem to be endless uses for the new sprues – Sanguinary Guard in particular (Bell of Lost Souls has several rumour compilations, here and here, for example). I foresee some neat Seraphim conversions coming pretty soon. They would be great for anyone making vanguard veterans or honour guards as well. All you non-Blood Angels players, what conversions do you have planned?

Incidentally, the plastic venerable dreadnought makes me want to switch the sarcophagus fronts of all my dreadnoughts. Does anyone have five of these to spare?


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