Greater daemon greenstuffing continues

It’s been a busy week! The trip up north cut into my hobby time. Nevertheless I managed to squash some greenstuff on the greater daemon. Can’t say I’m any good at it – I’m pretty low on the learning curve. 19 years of miniature hobbying, and I can count the number of times I’ve used greenstuff on one hand.

Close-ups before and after. In other news: The sculpting tool Games Workshop sells is crap. I had to sharpen it with my Dremel before it was useful for mimicing the skin texture. I’m hoping everything will look fine once I prime and basecoat him. The sculpt is so wonderful that I’m anxious not to ruin it!

And here’s the base I made for him. Just a layer of spackle and rubble, with one of the Citadel building floor tiles on top. There are a few details to iron out, before the greater daemon is put on the backburner for a while. I want to paint up all the tactical squads first, assembly line style, since I haven’t decided on a colour scheme for the big guy.


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