Happy birthday to me!


It’s been a busy weekend. This Saturday was my 30:th birthday, so it’s been all party and hangover since then. A very good time was had by all involved.

My birthday also marks another occasion. It’s been 19 years since I bought my first set of paints and brushes. It was four or five of the small Humbrol enamel pots, that I used to paint up my Heroquest miniatures. Badly. Nevertheless, 19 years of this wonderful hobby! Heroquest would be followed by countless Grenadier, Heartbreaker and Mithril Lord of the Rings minis. Then one of my mates bought the second edition of Blood Bowl. In the box was a leaflet showcasing the rest of Games Workshop’s product line. The rest, as they say, is history.

It fascinates me how integral wargames and roleplaying games are to my life. One can even say I was raised by Games Workshop, after a fashion. Reading White Dwarf and and endless stream of rulebooks certainly tought me to read English. Even during the years when I didn’t play or paint much, I kept reading Portent/Warseer, various e-mail lists and whatnot.

For a long time I’ve mostly been a collector. I try to buy miniatures I like, more than I try to build armies. I’ve recently found my way back to the joy of painting – a joy I haven’t felt in the last eight or so years. Even so, an incredlible amount of my daily energy has been spent on thinking about miniature gaming. Don’t tell my girlfriend about this, but I actually dream about aquiring rare miniatures! I’m not part of any tournament scene, hardly even a gaming group these days. I’m just a guy who loves to get my white metal fix!

What I’m trying to say is that this thing we’re in together is not as much a hobby. It’s an obsession. And what a wonderful obsession.

PS: I tried to find one of those very first Heroquest miniatures I painted, but it seems the Mist of Time has eaten them. That’s why I’ve illustrated this article with the Heroquest box.


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