We are the warriors of the Unconquered Sun

Everyone wants to play Space Marines. Even I. My Chaos Marines have been evolving, from pure World Eaters in 3:rd edition, to something a bit more … balanced.

As I’ve grown older and – hopefully – more mature, I’ve come to loathe both the spiky Chaos look and the (newish) blinged out loyal Marines. I want my warriors to be real grunts. Military men in a gothic universe, inspired by the artwork from Rogue Trader – and Ernst Junger’s WWI novel “Storm of Steel”. So, I settled on a light grey colour scheme and a fairly stripped-down look. I designed an insignia (pictured right) that will be easy to replicate across the army. The logo in turn inspired me to name the chapter Sol Invictus.

When it comes to background, Sol Invictus are like the Relictors, taken one step further. Loyal Space Marines are slowly seduced by Ilith Merihem, a radical Inquisitor with a Xanthist-Horusian leaning. Her teachings on using Chaos to fight Chaos take a hold on the inner circle of the chapter, distancing them from the Adeptus Terra.

Fast forward three or four centuries, and the new Warp-friendly doctrine has completely replaced the loyalism. The Sol Invictus have turned piratical raiders with a mission. Their ultimate goal is a New Imperium. The Emperor’s body must be destroyed to give birth to a new saviour for mankind (Linking them to all kinds of Illuminati and Star Child shenanigans!). To that end, they have come to revere the Chaos gods and harness daemons to aid in the fight against the Imperium. Both lesser and greater daemons are enslaved as daemonhosts, bound by the chapter’s sorcerers and used as shock troops. Merihem herself is well on her way to Daemonprincessdom.

To the Sol Invictus, and their heretical leader, the Imperium is a stagnant prison for the human race, its rule illegitemate and its inhumanity a proof of corruption. They – just as Horus did – wish to use Chaos for good, and for the new Emperor to bring balance to the Warp; to become a fifth Chaos god.

And because a blog post is never really complete without a picture of a mini:

Yawgdiel Kagat. WIP, obviously.

I give you Lord Marshal Yawgdiel Kagat, Chapter Master of the Sol Invictus. Ex-possessed and dubbed the Angel of Liberation by the good and honest people of Eibon IV.


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