The quest for the perfect 40k skirmish

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to try out World In Arms, a Mordheim-to-40k adaption. While the concept is wonderful, I am a bit underwhelmed by the actual rules. After the first game we decided to strip out shooting to-hit modifiers for movement and range, for example. Even so, it’s clear that Warhammer and 40k have grown apart so much that it’s no longer simple to transfer rules from one to the other.

On the other hand, the idea of a skirmish 40k campaign is nagging us. Just like Blood Bowl and Mordheim, it’s the campaign and experience gain that we’re after. Next time we’ll try out another rules set called Death Squads. I’m also looking forward to the Kill Team mission in the new Battle Missions book (read Ron Saikowski’s post here for more info). Do any of you regular readers (all six of you!) have any tips for other skirmish 40k rules we can try out?

Bonus shot! Part of my collection of old-school Harlequins, four of which I used in our test-games of World In Arms. That’s a really small warband …


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