Picture bonanza of my hobby weekend

I got a bit of painter’s burnout, so I had to do something else this weekend. Terrain building did the trick. Here’s what I made!

That’s three ruins, built from Necromunda bulkheads and the old third edition gothic ruins. I also pulled apart my Fortress of Redemption. The plan is to buy another one and combine the sets, to get three free-standing octagonal bastions and one large bastion with a tower. Should make for some fairly unique bunkers that can be used in regular games as well as in Planetstrike.

This ruin is my favourite. Small and simple, it’s just a sheet of cork with the plastic parts glued on top. The cork should look like a concrete foundation when painted, so the piece should blend in on just about any tabletop. The gothic ruin kits can often be found on the cheap on Ebay, and make for great low buildings.

Here’s a bombed-out chapel. Obviously, the second floor needs a bit more work here, and a few ladders need to be installed. The sandbag wall and tank traps add a little more flavour to the ruin, as if it’s been used as a command centre or defence point.

I also found a long strip of hardboard in the trash. I split it and made two minefields! Technically, they’re a bit too long and narrow (14×4 inches instead of 12×6) but I don’t think anyone will mind. The upper one is Tyranid-themed, using the icky “cat-butt” things you get with the Genestealer sprues.

The other one just consists of vehicle bits and small fantasy shields as mines. Simple but effective. They were both made by spreading spackle on the hardboard, and pressing down the pieces. Once dry, I slathered wood glue on, and sprinkled with my patented basing mixture of sand, cork pieces, sprue rubble, bulgur, black pepper and coffee! Note that I missed a lot of spots. Brushing white glue on top of white spackle is tricky …

As a bonus, I present the things that burned me out in the first place. First is a Chaos marine champion. I finally settled on a paint scheme for my chapter, the Sol Invictus. I started on a full squad of ten, but got bored once I was about to detail them. Expect more of these guys in the coming week, including some background info.

And here’s Cypher. Nearly done now, just a few highlights to go. He doesn’t photograph very well though. The transitions between shadows and mid-tones are much more convincing in real life. The base is done with the same foodstuff mixture as the terrain above. So if I’m hungry during a game, i can just suck on the bases …


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