How to be a model powerplayer, the Ork edition

Brütal Legend Army

Are you the kind of guy who would never play with a sub-optimal army list? Who scorns Pyrovores, Pariahs and Possessed? I thought I’d give you some insight into another way of building armies.

I have this idea for an Ork army: to build a sort of Goff speedfreek force, with lots of chrome and flaring tailpipes, Brütal Legend-style. I mean, stuff like the above illustration, this, this and this has Ork written all over it. A mob of Meganobz charging out of a tourbus makes my mouth water.

  • Which brings me to the first unit: Meganobz are a must. They’re the most orky thing in the entire codex. Ten of them plus a battlewagon. Done, let’s move on.
  • HQ’s are required, so a Warboss on bike is in. He makes the Meganobz count as troops, too.
  • This is a headbanger army, so a weirdboy is a must. ‘Cause he’s a real ‘eadbanger, see. Let’s make him a possessed warphead, so we can model him with horns! Yeah, that’s metal!
  • We need some boyz, of course. Three or quite possibly four units of twelve, riding trukks. Two rokkit launchers and a Nob with power klaw for each mob. One of the mobs could be madboyz, that’ll allow us to play Anthrax’s Madhouse as their anthem!
  • The Warboss up there is a bit lonely. Warbiking Nobz should make a good retinue. Let’s make it five of them.
  • Flash gitz! I love the Badrukk model, so these are in. A tentative five, plus Badrukk. They can be five in a unit, right? I haven’t got the codex with me at the moment. Upgraded with more dakka so we can model the guns with a ton of barrels. Pirates fit the metal theme perfectly – they’re snazzy like hair-rockers. Besides, there’s Running Wild.
  • More cars! This army needs something really fast, with huge tailpipes. So two mobs of three warbuggies. Rokkits or big shootas? Don’t know yet, but I envision something a bit like this, though less daemonic.
  • I also love (and already own) Boss Snikrot, so he and a squad of kommandos are in.
  • I realize the Flash gitz are pedestrians at the moment. Another battlewagon it is, then. With a killkannon. Let’s also up the gitz’s model count to eleven in total, so we can fit the warphead in there with them. Done!

Isn’t there something missing here? Yeah. Points. And a tactical plan for how the army will work. This is how John and Ringo create armies – and I bet many of you more competitive types have done it too. Gone for theme. Fine tuning (like this excellent example at Way of Saim-Hann) can come later. I already notice that the buggies will likely need rokkits, for example.

Questions for discussion:
How many points is the army I outline here worth? Does it matter?
How do you think it would perform?
What makes you tick when building armies?

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