Bonnie Annerson, Necromundan Bounty Huntress

Bonnie here is a limited edition model, given away as a prize in Necromunda events in -96. Supposedly one of the rarest miniatures GW has produced. Nevertheless, it’s quite common on Ebay – though quite pricy. I certainly payed through the nose for mine.

According to Solegends she was sculpted by Gary Morley, which explains why she’s not exactly the hottest model by today’s standards (oh, the puns in that sentence!). She’s perfectly alright for the GW mid-nineties “red” era, though. I’ve mounted her on a “new-style” base instead of a regular 40k one. Seems like a bit more like a display base. I’m at a loss as for how to paint her, afraid I will ruin such an expensive model. Any suggestions?


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