Mordheim Mercenaries

When building a Mordheim warband, I always start with choosing the best miniatures. I pick up models from different ranges and build a coherent whole through painting. Hence, all the members here feature a strong red to tie them together. This champion also has blue details to give him that nobleman flair. Pistols aren’t terribly effective in Mordheim, but who can say no to a midieval gunfighter!

The second champion is the old Gui le Gros Bretonnian model. Nothing special, apart from the spear tip, that comes from a goblin. He contrasts the nobleman very well, but still has the same red. The muted green also shows up on several models in the warband.

Daemon Slayer

The regular Slayer model that was released with Mordheim was much to pansy for my tastes. I went with this Daemon Slayer instead. He virtually painted himself, it’s such a great sculpt. The hair lended itself to drybrushing very well, giving some dramatic shadows to contrast with the ruddy skin. The bases of all these miniatures were covered in several layers of fine sand, and I took the opportunity to stick debris and random body parts in between layers. This was then painted to look like ash, suitable for a ruined city like Mordheim.

Nicodemus here was never a part of the Mercenary warband, but was painted at the same time. He’s an example of why you should shade properly around the eyes – he’s got a bad case of bug-eyes! What do you think, should I give him a bath in paint stripper and try again?

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