Why we play – The spirit of the game

Historical gamers, caring more about the "fluff" than the rules?

This post over at Bell of Lost Souls raises the time-old question: What is the Spirit of the game? Mkerr quotes reader responses from his first article on the matter (which is also a good read). Those responses are important, the variety of reasons to play they bring up. Of course, the Spirit is what you expect from the game.

Following on my Beatles analogy, Jervis Johnson is a on the vertice between John and Ringo. His version of the Spirit is what I was brought up with, via White Dwarf. In more recent years (4:th edition 40k and onwards, really) I’ve begun to see the Spirit more in the competitive stance. I’m still a casual player, mind you, but I like the intellectual stimulation that comes from strategic thinking. I’m more of a John-Paul nowadays. 

Read Stelek’s mission statement over at Yes The Truth Hurts. He’s a die-hard Paul. And he’s not wrong. That’s his version of the Spirit. Bring an army that doesn’t squeeze the best from its codex, and you’re as offensive to Paul as your unpainted force is to John.

I do think we need to understand that we all get different kicks from this hobby. This is all very basic stuff, but I’d like to push the Beatles triangle as far as I can. When this series continues, i’ll use it to formalize who we are as players, and most importantly: Why we are players.

(The beautiful Romans at the top are shamelessly borrowed from ZeroTwentyThree.)

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