Priming with gesso, a quick tutorial

Primed for priming

I thought I’d show you the results you get with gesso. This first picture has everything ready to go. Jonathan’s nobz mob there on the left, and some of my Mordheim orcs on the right. A couple of large brushes, and the jar of gesso. I also use a regular plastic palette to thin and generally just splash around on. And yes, those spots on the wall are gesso from a previous priming session. This thing gets messy if you’re not careful.

Nobz mob

So, this is the first batch. The leftmost nob here has already begun to dry. The watered-down gesso doesn’t stick too good on plastic, so you might want to drybrush a first pass and then smooth things out with a wet brush.

All done!

After watching an episode of Generation Kill, everything is dry. The goat is a completely matte black. So matte, in fact, that it appears gray, showing details very well.

Beautiful orksesHere you can see that some models turned out splotchy. I used a bit too much water, so these will need a quick second coat. All in all, this took me about 20 minutes of painting and one hour of watching TV.


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