When inspiration strikes like an axe to the head

Like this, but green.

If you’ve been in the wargaming hobby for any amount of time you’ve undoubtably had the idea for an army seize you. As if you were an unsuspecting antilope, suddenly pounced by a lion. What follows is usually the loss of financial liquidity and an irritated spouse.

Creativity is a wonderful feeling. And the things that feed it are wondrous. After playing the heavy metal-epic Brütal Legend, I can no longer read the Ork codex without wanting to convert a biking, hot-rod-riding force of maniacs. Like the screenshot above. Only green. It’s gone so far that I actively avoid looking at the book shelf, for fear of spotting the codex. The ancient warbuggies could be mixed with bits from the newer plastic kits to create suitably kitschy metal-themed vehicles. The plastic Deff Dread is also rumoured out in a few months time. And I could convert Goffik Rokkers as a retinue to a weirdboy!

Then there’re the new Tyranids that I need to add to the swarm I’ve got stashed in the basement somewhere. And of course the Chaos Marines and the Eldar. And those Dwarfs I mentioned.

Multiple Army Syndrome. I’ve got it bad, real bad.


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